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Our Culture

Our Vision:
The Creative Change Institute focuses on moving individuals, groups, organizations, states, regions, the nations, and society forward in a positive, sometimes transformation, direction. The Institute, developed and financially endowed by the Company of Experts, Inc., seeks a “balanced bottom-line” – what is best for people, communities, and the nation.

Guiding Principles:
We promote the vision of world class partnerships in our local communities
We build our image through personal commitment and persistent optimism
We work to retain America’s advantage in global competitiveness
We exhibit passionate leadership to promote innovation and forge relationships
We use positive dialogue with no preconceived outcomes
We create reality through dialogue
We put aside “the known” and “think outside of the box”
We believe in creativity, innovation and imagination
We emphasize that when people benefit, communities and the nation benefit
We believe in building on commonalities and strengths
We believe positive questions lead to positive change
We individually and professionally make commitments to these guiding principles

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