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The Creative Change Institute conducts sessions with businesses and corporations, community, education, government, and nonprofit organizations to collaboratively create innovative and improvise positive change. The first session was convened during the winter of 2005, when an abundance of rain in California’s southwest desert produced one of nature’s most spectacular events: the “Hundred Year Bloom.” Species of plants not seen for generations suddenly emerged creating a new awareness of the beauty, sustainability, and purpose of our deserts.

With the Hundred Year Bloom as a back-drop, a group of community college educators and business leaders convened to discuss another national treasure, the American Community College. Words such as community, passion, learning, connectedness, hope, opportunity, diversity and democracy were used to describe their commitment. Their frank and honest discussion produced a call for further dialogue regarding the future in the new millennium.

This group became known as the “Bloom Group” as a metaphor for what they conceived during the two days in 2005: a re-blooming of the 100-year-old community college movement in America. Creative Change Fellows (Bloomies) have been invited to attend the Institute based upon their contribution and service to their profession and communities.

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